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Dependent on BSIA membership, initial fees may vary.  Pricing quoted below must be paid in advance of registration; applicants will not be added to the register until fees have been paid and funds have cleared at the BSIA.


Ongoing fees are invoiced annually and should be paid on or before the due date for registration to continue.

Initial registration fee (includes first year’s registration)

                                                POA                                      £995

Annual fee (from first annual renewal onwards)

                                                POA                                      £749

Alteration fee*

                                                POA **                                 £250


All Prices are exclusive of VAT

*An alteration to the self-declaration can contain as many changes as is necessary, but must still meet the requirements of the scheme.

** One alteration per calendar year is included in the fees. Additional alterations to this will be charged at non-BSIA member rates. 

                                         BSIA Member                      Non member

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