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Cyber Security Product Assurance Group


The Cyber Security Product Assurance Group (CySPAG) was set up by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) to enhance cybersecurity in the professional security industry. It has produced a registration scheme providing guidance and best practice to follow when designing or installing products around IoT and integrated security.

The approach taken by CySPAG is different to most schemes on the market in that it encompasses the supply chain, which includes both security installer and manufacturers.

CySPAG has created two codes of practice for both security installers and manufacturers of security solutions.

CySPAG is a special interest group set up and ran by members of the British Security Industry Association, with the intention of delivering piece of mind to end users across multiple industry sectors.

Allow your security installed and manufactured products to stand out

How does it work?

The CySPAG scheme provides an enhanced level of confidence to the end user that products procured for use in safety and security systems have been produced in accordance with registered security companies who have processes in place to manufacture and supply solutions using risk mitigation techniques.

This includes processes that provide ongoing support for security solutions with cyber exposure, providing product security updates and the support necessary to inform the supply chain of vulnerabilities.

CySPAG is a self-declaration and registration scheme based on the requirements of industry leading codes of practice produced by members of the BSIA.  

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